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Dr Gaurav Bhateja, MD Neuro-Psychiatry (PGIMER, Chandigarh) 
Dr Gaurav Bhateja is an MBBS from government medical college, Patiala batch of 1996. After his MBBS, he did his Post Graduation (MD Neuro-Psychiatry) training from department of neuro-psychiatry, PGIMER Chandigarh from year 2003-2006. He successfully completed his postgraduate training followed by being a senior registrar for 2 years at PGIMER CHANDIGARH & bagging several professional qualifications in the process to become a consultant neuro-psychiatrist at Hyderabadi General Hospital, Sanoli Road, Panipat.
Dr Gaurav Bhateja is a valued member of Indian psychiatric society, Indian association of private psychiatrists, Indian medical association.
He is also involved in writing articles in world’s known journals.
Currently Woking
► Consultant Psychiatrist at Nagpal Brain Care Centre, Assandh Road, Panipat.
► Visting consultant Neuro-psychiatrist at Township hospital IOCL(Panipat).
► Sangam Neuropsychiatry Centre, Sanoli Road, Panipat.
► Consultant Neuro-Psychiatrist at Hyderabadi General Hospital, Sanoli Road, Panipat.
► Senior Resident at PGIMER, Chandigarh.
Dr Gaurav Bhateja provides consultation for:
Anxiety disorder (generalized anxiety disorder, panic disorder and phobia’s)
Schizophrenia (psychosis)
Bipolar affective (mood) disorder
Poor concentration
Poor memory
Stress Management
Pain management
Low intelligence and mental retardation
Attention deficit disorders in kids, autism
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